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Simply, Ella! Back by Popular Demand...
It's Christmas Time in Harlem...
Esther, Esther, Esther
It Aint Whatcha Do...


A Silent Night in Harlem
Queen Esther
Simply, Ella
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Simply, Ella! Back by Popular Demand...

Welcome Back:  Ms. Ella!

"..It t'aint whatcha do it's the way that cha do it"...
My Grandmother Beatrice always told me "Sherri Lynn, be careful WHAT YOU do, and HOW you do it!"  Not realizing the depth of her words until I was much older - I was ever so mindful to always try to do good things because I never knew just exactly WHO was watching besides Jehovah's eyes in Heaven!

Now, I've not always done the right thing, but to have the Genesis Theatre Company bring back "SIMPLY, ELLA" - A moving musical tribute story about the life/times of Ms.

It's Christmas Time in Harlem...

Harlem!  I've always wanted to live in Harlem, NY - even if it was just for only 30 days!  I once told my Grandparents Jack & Pete that I believed I'd been on the earth before, prior to my initial arrival in July of 1966.  I told them that I believed the year was 1955, and that I 24 years old and living in Harlem!  

It's been said that Writers can only write about what they know and feel - and with said I know that I am at least 35 years behind the time that I was blessed to arrive on earth.

Esther, Esther, Esther

One of My Favorite Biblical Stories is the story of Esther.  I find this biblical story extra fascinating because while I don't see the Lord's name at any point through out this story - I can surely see His Mighty and Awesome Hand navigating the circumstances that showcase His providence!  

The Lord God Jehovah proves yet again that He alone is in Control!  This story speaks volumes to me in that it's a soft reminder that while things may look dark and bleak - and it may seem like our enemies are getting the best of us, as long as we stay on the Lord's side - we have nothing to fear!

It Aint Whatcha Do...

Greetings and Salutations!

Happy New Year!  I hope your new year is off to a grand and glorious start and is as well as can be!  

"When I was girl about half past 3 my Ma said daughter come here to me - she said things may come and things may go but this is one thing you oughtta know - oh "It aint whatcha  do, it's the way that you do it" and that's what gets results!

This is one of my favorite songs sung by the First Lady of song - Ms.  ELLA FITZGERALD!
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